Our Team

Rushton G. James M.Sc.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. LaRon Doucet
Corona, CA

Oliver Mayeux
London, U.K.

This work could not have been completed without the tireless efforts of Amber Moore and Jaeshon Townsend.  Over eighty five percent of the 5,500 entries from the published Dictionary of the Louisiana Creole was populated by their efforts.  The the remaining 15% was completed by Shree DePass, Rushton James and Christophe Landry.  Mr. Landry also made modification of the Haitian orthography to his custom designed orthography aptly named the “Louisiana Creole Orthography”.  For additional information about the history of the LouisianaCreoleDictionary.com please visit our press kit.


Amber Leigh Moore
Data Entry

Christophe Landry
Graphics & Content

Jaeshon Alexander Townsend
Data Entry

Shree Depass
Data Entry