the RECLAIM movement
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Founding date:
December 4, 2013


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We are here to provide easy access to the Louisiana Creole Language and to make available tools which cultivate and promote the oral and written use of the Louisiana Creole language.



…like so many Creole people, I've always wanted to learn the Louisiana Creole language but never had the resources. After years of searching, I finally found a place to purchase a Louisiana Creole dictionary. The new challenge was that the dictionary was made available in paper or pdf format only. Given my technical background, I wanted to search for an English word and automatically receive the Louisiana Creole translation. What would even be more awesome, in my mind, would be the ability to listen to the pronunciation of the word so I knew how to correctly say it. Obviously this did not exist, and there were no structured resources available that filled my need, so I decided to step up and create the first online Louisiana Creole Dictionary.

And now...

Beginning June 2014 thru mid November of the same year, teams of recruited volunteers meticulously entered data in the online resource. Careful attention was paid to ensure the modern Louisiana Creole orthography (system of spelling) was used in each of the more that 5500 examples including sample sentences. More examples are being added each day as users around the world suggest new words to add. Together we hope to spread the Louisiana Creole language in a easy and useful way.



Awards & Recognition

  • "This is an excellent and necessary digital project that will surely prove useful to persons interested in the language." - MoCreole | MoCreole.com
  • "I am glad that organizations like Yours are promoting Creole Culture ..." - Susie | Producer of Frenchcreoles.com
  • "Rarely do I ‘bookmark’ pages on my computer, but when I do, it has something to do with being the only interactive website for learning Louisiana Creole online. Just in time for Creole Heritage Month! Check it out. " - Elroy Baptiste Johnson editor-in-chief | Jambalaya Magazine

Selected Articles

  • " Everyone on the team is excited about the October release, we are getting Louisiana Creole into people's hands; They all acknowledge that, in the days and weeks after release, things could go in a number of different directions, we hope that direction is a new found appreciation for our Language. "
    - Rushton James, Founder

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