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Dr. LaRon Doucet

Dissertation and Thesis Chair - California International University

Email: LaRon@LouisianaCreoleDictionary.com

Dr. LaRon Doucet is a Creole with deep ties to southwest Louisiana and is a native speaker of Louisiana Creole and Louisiana French. For 38 years Dr. Doucet has researched the Creole history and culture of Louisiana and has interviewed and archived many monolingual Creolephone community elders. His activism and community involvement includes serving as the Creole historian for an event in 1988 called ‘LA to LA’ hosted in Los Angeles, California. He was also the Master of Ceremony at the California Simi Valley Creole, Cajun & Blues Music Festival in 1993. Dr. Doucet was a business partner at Ruth Doucet’s Kitchen for 20 years at the California Long Beach Zydeco Festival and Memorial Hall in Pasadena. Ruth Doucet’s Kitchen has been recognized as serving the best boudin and gumbo outside of Saint Landry parish! In addition to speaking Louisiana Creole and Louisiana French, Dr. Doucet is also fluent in Haitian Creole and conversational Spanish.

LaRon Doucet earned a doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University and currently works in education on both the graduate and undergraduate level. He also teaches cultural awareness and personality styles to students and professionals. As a valued Louisiana Creole Dictionary team member, Dr. Doucet manages our Creole video content, reviews submissions and assists other team members.